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About Rey Mora

I am a figurative painter with experience creating art with acrylics, chalk, pastel, oils, photography, and mixed media. I am dedicated to creating meaningful artwork that promotes cultural appreciation and increases awareness of current issues affecting society.
The source of inspiration for many of my art pieces comes from the cultural wealth that I have inherited. I was born in Los Angeles to parents that migrated from rural Mexico and I was raised in a poor working-class family with strong indigenous roots. Altogether, my life experiences, good and bad, formulate an endless bank of visual currency that I freely withdraw from to create the vast richness in my work.
The theme that most resonates with my work is movement. In movement I feel that there is life, progress, growth, and learning. I believe strongly that those things that do not move – die. My art represents a lifting and moving of the spirit.
The iconography used to depict movement in my current Colibrí Collection is the hummingbird; which for me is also symbolic of the quintessential need to enjoy life’s nectar despite the fast-paced lifestyle that we live. The merging of symbols from the past with contemporary images is a way that I show advancement and evolution. My artwork displays culturally relevant and universal mathematical symbols that represent movement as a way to show the viewer that, ultimately, we are all connected as we move through life on our beautiful planet. 
I also express movement through Aztec Dancing. Images that I paint are directly influenced by my active participation in this creative and sacred ritual that has been practiced for hundreds of years.

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